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What is Web development...

Developing the Web incorporates all areas of Web development for communication over the World Wide Web. This includes three main areas: the artistic (graphic design, interface design), social (audience) and technical (using IT skills in the Web development process to develop the web-based system). Web development may need to include a range of different techniques for different Web development solutions. Web development is the dynamic process because of frequent changes caused by fast changing technology, volatile market requirements and so on. Web development generally incorporates two technical types of web-based systems, static content based Web sites and dynamic Web sites.

Static Web site...

Static content based Web sites are Web sites where the content never changes unless you create a new page or change the page yourself. Static Web sites are suitable where the content does not need to be changed frequently. For example,companies which have the same range of products and want to establish a Web site to advertise their products and reach new customers.

Dynamic Web site...

Dynamic Web sites are Web sites where the content (text, images) can change reacting on a user action (i.e. click on hyperlink or image). These Web sites can be non database systems in which the content is generated on the client’s computer (the page changes its own content without reload) or the content generated on the web server and sent to a user dependently of the user request. Database-driven Web sites are systems with server-side data processing which retrieve data from a database. For example, you are now reading the Web development section on this web site; if you look at the top left hand corner of this page you are going to see the page title Web develop.., in the top middle is the header with the section name. Now, if you click on the hyperlink Application development the new content is going to be retrieved from the database, the page title and the section header are going to be changed to the subsection title which you have clicked on but the page is physically the same, Default.aspx. So only the content is changed. This means I could have 10, 20 or more subsections which could be displayed in the same page. Likewise, this content can be edited, updated or deleted without any programming or Web developer’s skills. Such types of Web sites are often known as Web Applications.

Web Applications...

There are two types of Applications Web-based Applications and traditional Windows-based Applications. The main differences between them are:
  • Web Applications can be accessed, updated and maintained over a network such as the Internet or an intranet using a Web browser without installing software on a computer or computers.
  • Windows Applications require software installation.
  • This could be distinguished further between simple and complex Web Applications. The simple Web Application might be this Web site. Complex Web Applications are large e-commerce Web sites such as Amazon which could potentially communicate with other, non Web based systems like Microsoft Excel.


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